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What we do

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About Us

Caroline Brewin is the founder of Brain Powered Coaching, which uses an innovative, neuroscience-based approach to empowered Confidence and Leadership; ensuring the development of  high performing employees and delivery of exceptional business outcomes. 

Caroline has over 18 years of Global Investment Banking experience and is a professionally trained Executive and Confidence Coach. From Chief of Staff to complex Regional & Global roles, she’s seen it first-hand: the long-term success and profitability of organizations are inextricably linked to the trust, motivation & diversity of their people.  

Through her Executive Coaching and unique Confidence programmes, she is committed to empowering Individuals and Corporates to achieve their personal and professional potential.

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Interested in more?  Our Brain Powered Confidence course uses an innovative, neuroscience-based approach to help you achieve your incredible potential, through empowered Confidence.

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