Brains Inspiring Businesses for Leaders

Caroline Brewin stands as one of the distinguished authors contributing to the brilliance of the book Brains Inspiring Businesses for Leaders. With a wealth of experience as an executive coach, she adds a unique perspective to the collective insights shared in the book. Caroline's chapter delves into the captivating theme of Brain Powered Confidence, skillfully connecting the realms of science to behavior and unraveling the secrets behind confidence dynamics. Her contribution makes this book an invaluable resource for leaders and executives seeking unparalleled insights into leadership. "Brains Inspiring Businesses for Leaders" is a testament to the collaborative efforts of exceptional authors like Caroline Brewin, making it a must-read for those eager to elevate their leadership skills.

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Unleashing Confidence through Neuroscience

I am pleased to announce that I recently had the privilege of being featured on Interact's Grow Podcast. During the interview, we engaged in a comprehensive discussion on the topic of Brain Powered Coaching and its impact on mindset transformation. Drawing from my extensive experience of over 18 years in Global Investment Banking, coupled with my certification as an Executive and Confidence Coach, I am committed to facilitating the growth and success of individuals and organizations alike. Additionally, we delved into the exploration of my Confidence Character quiz, which provided valuable insights and was met with enthusiasm.

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The Median Podcast

Caroline joined businessman Jeff Chan on his brilliant podcast, The Median. 

They discussed a whole range of subjects, from the role of dopamine and serotonin, being vulnerable as a leader and creating psychological safety.  A fascinating podcast giving some real gems of knowledge!

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Switch Your Sitch:  The Imposter Switch

Caroline featured on Radio DJ Katie Turner's Podcast: Switch Your Sitch.  In her words, "this kicked neuroscience butt!  Caroline is a woman on a mission to help people reach their full potential through understanding how their brain works and reduce the likelihood of self sabotage."

We talked all things Imposter Syndrome, what it is, who is affected, how we are affected from a science standpoint and how do we push through it to achieve our ultimate potential!

Plus how Caroline switched from corporate finance to Executive Coaching; how much of our outlook depends on our childhood and how much we can actually change through mind management. 

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CEO Wisdom Podcast

Caroline Brewin served as a guest alongside CharlesAI Cormier in the latest episode of the CEO Wisdom Podcast.

In this insightful conversation, Caroline and Charles delve into the intricacies of mindset, exploring topics such as overconfidence in banking, the impact of fear-based cultures, and strategies for cultivating measured responses.

Don't miss out on Caroline Brewin's latest podcast appearance. Listen now to unlock the secrets of mastering your mindset for lasting success.

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