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At Brain Powered Coaching we understand every corporate is different, with its own needs and requirements.  We have a deep level of experience understanding the leadership, culture, values and strategy of organisations large and small, with the associated impact on their goals and approach.

โ€‹With a specialism in the science of building trust in Leadership and Engagement, we can work in partnership with executives and HR teams to design tailor-made solutions for you - from facilitation, to strategic planning through to cultural transformation.

โ€‹We can help your organisation design an effective Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy; leadership objectives, through to Executive Coaching and confidence training for staff.  Our Executive Authentic Confidence programme is an ideal way to demonstrate your organisation's commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion - we can tailor this to your needs and branding as required.

Why We Are Different

We are a coaching firm based on industry experience and neuroscience. Our global corporate background has given us deep insight into the challenges that individuals, teams and leaders face in a multi-cultural, constantly changing global environment.

We understand the complexities of balancing cost pressure with team motivation; balancing short term cost pressure with investment in the future and how to engage staff across timezones through creating deep trust.

We can help your organisation think creatively to drive performance and minimise attrition in this rapidly developing world of remote leadership. Our expertise will help you set and achieve higher goals, whilst staying authentic and consistent with your organisational values.

Executive Authentic Confidence
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