Brain Powered Coaches have a deep-level of corporate experience, alongside professional coach training, ensuring you get the powerful combination of practical, real-life connected coaching that you can trust.


Brain Powered Courses, based on neuroscience, transform you from being held back by self-doubt, never reaching your potential, to feeling empowered, positive and excited, through experiencing life-changing confidence


At Brain Powered Coaching we are totally passionate about learning!  We commit to bringing you the most up-to-date research, science and brain-based tools, which can fundamentally shift how you perform, for the long term.



Brain Powered Coaching was founded in 2020 by its CEO, Caroline Brewin.  We are passionate about our innovative, neuroscience-based approach to empowered Confidence and Leadership; ensuring the development of high-performing employees and individuals and delivery of exceptional business outcomes. 

Caroline has over 18 years of Global Investment Banking experience and is a professionally trained Executive and Confidence Coach. From Chief of Staff to complex Regional & Global roles, she’s seen it first-hand: the long-term success and profitability of organizations are inextricably linked to the trust, motivation & diversity of their people.  Caroline is a published author, passionate speaker and thought leader in her field. 

Brain Powered Coaching and its team of coaches are committed to empowering Individuals and Corporates to achieve their personal and professional potential.

The Executive Authentic Confidence course is an excellent investment.

The perfect mix of theory, real life examples and support from a group of diversified thinkers. Excellent content, theory and helpful workbooks.

What really sets this course apart is the fact that Caroline has walked the corporate walk and she gets it.. no HR fluff.. facts, figures and a genuine understanding of the challenges of succeeding at a high level in the corporate world based on real life experience.

Highly recommend.

Chief of Staff to the CEO, Resources Industry

 I highly recommend Caroline 

"Caroline is an exceptionally talented coach with a natural ability for perception, understanding and guiding people to achieve their goals.  She is extremely professional and takes the time to build a relationship with her clients in order to fully explore their potential and as well as what may be holding them back.

‚ÄčAs my professional coach, I highly recommend Caroline to anyone who is looking to expand themselves and their goals both professionally and personally."

Senior Financial Planner, Finance