“I could not be more proud to say that each of these sessions were full of education, empowerment, fun, and very engaging, conducted in very small groups allowing for easy and open conversations”

“Highly recommend the industry to explore this action to build a more pyschologically informed and safe workplace”

You are amazing, so lucky to collaborate with you.”

“Her Course in Executive Authentic Confidence is applicable to all disciplines and industries and has made a significant impact. Within Life Healthcare the course covered a global group of female executives in impactful managerial roles, all of whom have made significant personal strides and returned very positive comments and feedback I can also vouch for Brain Powered Coaching’s professionalism, work ethic and delivery. They set a new standard and benchmark for others to try and emulate.”

”I recently completed a confidence training course that has truly transformed my self-assurance. Prior to the course, I struggled to step out of my comfort zone, hesitant to voice my opinions. However, through this training, I've seen a huge improvement in my confidence levels. I've acquired skills in shaping my mindset and managing stress, which into my daily life.

The course has empowered me to confront challenges and speak up without fear. I look forward to further training to help my career grow.”

”Thank you, firstly, for an awesome presentation yesterday...

Your contribution to Back her Brilliance is very much appreciated.  It is such a pleasure working with you on this!"

"I’ve participated in other courses and read a few “life-changing” best-sellers, and not one has had such a profound positive impact. Caroline instills trust in her and within the group so that you always feel safe when doing some vulnerable work. The course structure, material, and group work challenged me, but feeling so supported allowed me to honestly confront some very uncomfortable truths. Shedding the weight of perceived failures empowered me to move forward with greater self-knowledge and authentic confidence. Now, I feel armed with an invaluable inventory of knowledge and tools to help me cut through the negative noise of life and focus on what matters. If you’re ready to live your best life from a place of confidence, I could not recommend this course more highly. It will be the highlight of your week!"

"One of the core aims of our Balance@Avon initiative is to facilitate the development of females within the business to give women the skills and confidence to progress in their careers. Recently, a small group at our site in the UK were invited to attend the ‘5 Secrets to Confidence at Work’ workshop led by Caroline Brewin from Brain Powered Coaching. The workshop was specifically designed to empower our talented women and equip them with the tools to embrace their full potential.

A special thanks to Caroline for her expertise and passion. Her guidance has undoubtedly ignited a spark within our team, and we are excited to watch them continue their journey toward personal and professional excellence."

”Caroline is an exceptionally talented coach

She has a natural ability for perception, understanding and guiding people to achieve their goals. She is extremely professional and takes the time to build a relationship with her clients in order to fully explore their potential and as well as what may be holding them back. As my professional coach, I highly recommend Caroline to anyone who is looking to expand themselves and their goals both professionally and personally."

”Thank you so much for lending us both your time and expertise to deliver yesterday’s Masterclass.  It is much appreciated, I had many favourable comments.”

"This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. It resonated with some of the deepest parts/aspects/truths of me." 

”EAC coaching programme is unique and to a different level with deeper focus to identify and work on our development areas and enhance our personality overall. There have been certain areas which I would not have been able to focus to work on otherwise, each and every session was worth investing the time with great learning experience and practice to continue improvise myself. Caroline Brewin, the Coach has been fantastic in delivering and guiding us to get the best out of these sessions”

”An outstanding session from a real expert in her field. Our team loved the pratical steps they could take across so many different areas, both personally and professionally. Highly recommend.”

"I've been to other confidence workshops before, but this one was by far the best. The framework was simple & powerful which made it insightful and actionable.

Highly recommend!" 

AVJennings Case Study

When Phil Keams Started as CEO of AV jennings 12 months, ago, he had a number one priority - people. Our company focus is creating communities that Australians feel part of, a sense of real belonging” the ex-Wallaby Captain said. “We have the same ethos within the organisation - our most important community is our staff. But, you don’t get success without inspiring and empowering the whole team to work together: getting the best people, in the right place and enabling them to fulfill their potential is critical.”

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Investing in Women in Life

Life Healthcare have always been committed to “Making life better” both for their patients and their staff. But in 2021, they wanted to focus on their ‘Women in Life’ community – their top female talent across the globe. “Women in Life is an extraordinary group of leading female executives who form a crucial part of the success of Life Healthcare.” said their Chief People Officer, Avanthi Paraboosing. “Investing in this group was a priority to take their incredible potential to the next level”

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