The Confidence Ripple Effect

confidence ripple effect Nov 26, 2021
Water droplet illustrating ripple effect


The Unseen Ways that Confidence Inspires


Sometimes it feels like you are operating in a bubble.  Where you're focused on surviving your own life with just enough energy to try and control things for you and your loved ones.  But I believe there is  – the Confidence Ripple Effect.


When you show up and have confidence to be you – your full, authentic, amazing talented self – people feel it, they see it, they feed off it.  They absorb some of that sparkle and use it for themselves.  And BOOM – the confidence ripple effect starts.  They have an extra spring in their step; perhaps take an action they wouldn’t have done otherwise because they saw what you did and how you behaved.


Everything you do can inspire others in ways you don’t even realise.


Female leaders and entrepreneurs in particular have a special opportunity.  Not just their direct team, but colleagues, friends and organisations look to them as guideposts - with the ability to inspire, encourage and give hope that ‘It’s possible’.  And possible in a way that ‘I can still be ME’; not compromise my values or fit into the traditional definition of success.  They connect in a different way and their ripples feed the energy of the team around them and beyond.


What does this mean? If you struggle with doing things for yourself, please take note:


Building your confidence isn’t just about you, it’s about showing others what great looks like. You owe it to them to leverage your gifts. 


So many women have so much talent that is wasted because they lack confidence. How many times have you looked at a woman you know and thought – my goodness she’s amazing, if only she believed in herself! I have this conversation with many clients, friends and colleagues: ‘Go for it' (I say) – 'You’ll smash it’ and they inevitably do. So many of us can see this clearly in others, but discount in ourselves (“I’ve just been lucky” or "I'm not good enough for that role").


It is our responsibility to believe in ourselves, so we can inspire those coming after us to do the same.


 They need to look up and see the self-belief and courage, how we dance joyfully with failure and take confident action. 


You may not know the girl, lady or woman you will inspire, but know this. You taking the deep breath, reaching into the unknown with courage and belief, will means they will be one step closer to doing the same. 


Let the ripples become stronger, more committed and fierce, so we can all capitalise on the tremendous talent that women posses.


This is the Confidence Ripple Effect.


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