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So we made it to Easter 🐣  Wow. I’m not sure about anyone else, but that felt fast.

The great thing is about Easter (whatever your beliefs are) is that the principle of it is new beginnings.  And when we look at the flowers beaming 🌷, the blossoms blooming, the leaves starting to peep out from sticky, bare trees 🌿 (here in the northern hemisphere), you can see that there is that there is new life everywhere.

The wonderful thing about being human, is that we get to do that all the time.

Although so often, we tend to wait for the New Year's resolution; or perhaps the big birthday, or a quarterly review…in fact, we can do this every single day 🙌.  Each, and every day, we have the opportunity to start again, with a fresh pair of eyes, a new perspective and a refreshed sense of calm, energy and happiness.

And the amazing thing about trying something new, is that you never know if it’s going to change your life for the better, forever. 

"Do you lose anything by trying?  Rarely. Could you gain a lot? Absolutely." 

Whilst normal can be reassuring and change can be scary, imagine what you could be missing out on by not trying something new.

A very simple example of this is my Yoga app, DownDog which I use every week.  I have one Vinyasa program which I’ve really enjoyed using and this week I decided to mix it up by trying a different one on flexibility. And in reality, I felt a little bit eye-rolling and uncomfortable; thinking this is going be rubbish - in fact it was the best yoga routine I’ve done in ages.

The same thing happened when I pushed outside my comfort zone and started doing Boot Camp at BeFearsome in Hyde Park 🏃‍♀️ .

The idea of it initially was filling me with dread - thinking that people were going to be shouting at me to exercise. In fact, now it’s the favourite part of many days of the week, running around the Park, getting muddy, laughing with the group and feeling stronger.

One things that really shifted my life was trying something called The Miracle Morning. This was designed by Hal Elrod and he had tried it when he’d recovered from a a terrible life event and wanted to make every single minute morning count for himself going forward.

What he did was start every day with his 6 Life S.A.V.E.R.S: Silence (meditation), Affirmations, Visualisations, Exercise, Reading and Scribing (Journaling).

Now this may seem like a lot!

However, I thought to myself, what happens if I try this, and it changes my life for the better forever?  

Will I have lost anything trying it for 7 days?  I ended up I did it for much longer and I was the most happy, confident, energetic, driven and calm I have ever been.  It helped me overcome self-doubt with the huge input of positive energy and inputs right at the start of every day.  I was that person who would practically skip into the office and say a bright MORNING when everyone else would grunt their grumpy response. 

Now, I may not do this every single day, (although I try!) but the principles from that are absolutely in my day-to-day life now, and I’m so grateful that I tried it for how it’s improved my life.

Another great example is one of the amazing women who took my Confidence programme and decided that she was going to drive to work a different route, every day.  For some of you, that may seem like torture!  However, what she was doing was encouraging her brain to always think differently; to keep a fresh perspective and encourage her creativity.  And she loved it!  She says she found herself not idly, unconsciously going to work, but in fact thinking in a different way, every single day.

So, as we go into Easter and we start this next quarter of 2023. My question is this…

➡️  What can you try that is new

Maybe there’s been something that you have been thinking about trying, but have been holding back… 

What could be that thing which might change your life forever - that brings you joy, and happiness, challenge and purpose like you’ve never known? 

Why not just go for it?  IT'S WORTH IT…⭐ Because you never know once you put your foot on the path, what exciting adventure is going to greet you.   And let's be honest… 

What have you got to lose?

If you’ve enjoyed this Easter thought - hit reply and let me know what you’re going to change!

Happy Easter!


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