Time to Change Your Brain Channel ⏰

Jun 28, 2022
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It was April 2020 and Covid 🦠 was starting to accelerate.  I was feeling out of control, not understanding what was happening, so did what many did - listened to the news.


Again, and again and again.


In fact, Sky even created a whole channel for Covid 🦠 exclusively, which I had on in the background, keeping me up to date second by second.


And of course, being the news, it was all negative.  Fear was spreading and those number counters of the dead were rising.  It was kind of addictive - like a Netflix box set which keeps you gripped for the next episode.  Except this was real life and it was really scary.


The problem with this though was that it started to seep into my subconscious.  Like many people, my anxiety around my loved ones being safe was rising, driven by the constant newsflashes and reports, reminding me of the growing catastrophe which I couldn't control.


So I switched off the TV channel πŸ“Ί


I realised it really wasn't bringing any value to me, and in fact was doing quite the opposite.  Yes, there were some things I needed to know, which would be helpful for me, but I needed to manage how that was entering my life in a less destructive way (which ended up just being the daily BBC 20 min podcast)  Less sensationalist, more facts and balanced.


But this doesn't just apply to Covid.

What are the messages that you play again and again on the channel in your brain 🧠?


When you start tuning into these, it can actually be quite frightening how we speak to ourselves.


You're a loser

You're overweight

You're stupid

What an idiot

Why would anyone want to listen to you??

You aren't doing enough

You're letting them down

You're letting yourself down


Imagine if we had a TV station playing us these messages all the time - with a fancy dashboard counter of the number of extra donuts 🍩 we've eaten, miles we haven't walked 🚢🏽‍♀️, things we haven't done βœ….  But this is effectively what we do ALL THE TIME.  Making ourselves feel guilty over and over again; wearing ourselves down. Comparing our lives to false ones that don't exist on social media and feeling like we aren't enough.

No wonder everyone feels tired, burnt out and unsatisfied.


> What if you were to take control and change that channel?

> What if it was telling you all day that you are enough, you're resilient and you're doing a great job?


Proactively, deliberately creating messages πŸ’¬ that you repeat to yourself and really embody, can have a significant impact on your state of mind and how you see yourself in the world



In the confidence training I do, this is consistently one of the most important tools people take away and see having impact in their lives.


Your brain's filter, the Reticular Activating System, comes into play here. It is a clever mechanism that manages the types of messages and information we notice more, just so the brain can function without overloading. Look for evidence your fat or stupid - you’ll see it. BUT we can influence how it works.


Start giving yourself positive messages, your brain will start to look for more evidence of those too. I am resilient - yes you are - look at this example! You will calm down your fear centre, the amygdala, making you more efficient, less anxious and more creative.


I've integrated Positive affirmations ⭐ into my everyday routine, currently featuring highly on my cycle 🚲 to boot camp through the streets of London 3 times a week. "I am positive, resilient and strong" I shout, pedalling furiously, feeling the power going through my legs. Yes people make think I'm a lunatic (thankfully not many are around at 6.30am) BUT, by the time I get there, I feel like I can take on the world.


If you're looking for a simple way to shape how you think, and create your Brain Channel of Positive Power, you might want to start right with a few affirmations. Here is a free guide with fab template to create yours The Ultimate Guide to Positive Affirmations. It includes 25 Ultimate Confidence Affirmations you can start using today!


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