Apr 08, 2024
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5 CONFIDENCE FACTS you never knew :

Fact 1: There's an optimum level of confidence. 

There's an optimum level of 💯 confidence. Too much 📈 can be seen as arrogance, while too little ⬇️ can lead to passivity and inaction. The ideal level of confidence is one that allows you to take risks and achieve your goals, but also leaves you open to feedback and learning. 💡 

Fact 2: We like people who are prideful

Contrary to popular belief, pride 👑 is not always a bad thing. In fact, studies have shown that we are more likely to be attracted to and trust people who are proud of their accomplishments. This is because pride is seen as a sign of confidence and competence. 💯 

Fact 3: Men definitely should not be modest. 

Modesty 🤏 is often seen as a sign of humility, but it can actually be a sign of low self-confidence. In a study of men, those who were more modest were also more likely to be seen as less competent and less attractive. So, men, don't be afraid to own your accomplishments! 💯 

Fact 4: Your posture affects how confident you are. 

The way you hold your body can actually have a significant impact on your confidence levels. Studies have shown that people who stand up straight and make eye contact 👀 are perceived as being more confident than those who slouch or avoid eye contact. So, sit up straight and look the world in the eye! 😎 

Fact 5: Reassuring yourself may work but your imagination can definitely supercharge it. 

When you're feeling nervous or insecure, you can reassure yourself by repeating positive affirmations. This is shaping your brain’s RAS (reticular activating system) to see evidence of these strengths. Another strategy is to use your imagination to visualize yourself succeeding in the situation that you're feeling anxious about. This will help you to feel more confident and prepared. 💪 

Remember there’s always more to learn about confidence… remember to strike the right balance:  take pride in your achievements, stand tall, visualize success and speak the right language to yourself. 🌟 These elements empower you to face challenges with assurance and success. 💪


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