30 Tips for Self-Love 😍 Everyday

Feb 15, 2023
I love me

Valentines Day was yesterday, but, far from celebrating, it's often a day that makes single people feel horrible about themselves and couples guilty for not doing enough! 

So how about flipping it on its head to think of YOU:  How you can give yourself a little bit more love (because the reality is, that means you’ll be in a nicer person to be around anyway!) 

Here are 30 ways you can bring a bit more Self-Love EVERYDAY- and not just on Valentine's day:

  1. Start the day with 3 grateful breaths ðŸ˜
  2. Start every Monday morning with a list of what you’re proud of achieving the week before ðŸ“
  3. Set the day in intention each morning of how you want to show up for the day â­
  4. Get a great fluffy bathrobe and some really good slippers – they can make all the difference in terms of how you start every day in winter!
  5. Go for a morning walk even if you’re working from home, (pretend it’s your morning walk to work). ðŸŒ¤ï¸
  6. Create your positive affirmations and do this as you are on your morning walk.  Your brain will beat that self-doubt and build in confidence levels.
  7. Read just a few pages of a book each day which is purely fiction, so you can escape reality and let your imagination wander. ðŸ“š
  8. Journal, just a few lines each day what’s going on in your mind – no judgement, no standards required.  Just get the thoughts out of your head and onto the page - it's an incredibly powerful tool for success.
  9. Call a friend who you haven't spoken to in a long time â˜Žï¸
  10. Send a WhatsApp voice message to 3 friends just saying hello and sending your love.  Being kind to others brings us great joy too. ðŸ“³
  11. Ask your friends to give you 3 words to describe your strengths, then put them up on a piece of paper on the wall to read when you are feeling low
  12. Create a positive feedback folder in your email and read it every week, to remind you of all the good stuff you have done. ðŸ™Œ
  13. (If you're with someone) Think of the first time you met your partner and all the reasons why you fell in love  ðŸ¥°
  14. (If you want to be with someone) Think of how exciting it’s going to be and how much you looking forward to meeting your future partner. ðŸ¤©
  15. Read a few pages of a book each day which will help you grow your mind and become a specialist in your area of passion.  Remember, progress is still progress, however slow! ðŸŒ±
  16. Contemplate what it would be like to NOT have everything you’ve got – your job, your family, your friends; the fact that you can buy a nice coffee, the glass of wine or delicious food.  This mental contrasting helps us appreciate what we do have, bringing us more joy. ðŸ‘
  17. Next time you exercise, think of that person who you know can’t exercise for whatever reason, and how incredibly grateful they would be for just one more opportunity to walk, run or train freely. ðŸ’­
  18. Write down your strengths in BIG capital letters, say them out loud and look for ways to use them
  19. Create time in every day for creativity– just sit with a blank piece of paper and a coffee and see what comes up ðŸ’¡
  20. Get some great thermals and wear them when you’re working from home you’ll be snuggly and warm (and save heating bills too) ðŸ§¦
  21. Remind yourself when you feel uncomfortable, that you should be celebrating because it shows you’re pushing yourself and growing â†—️
  22. When you go into meetings, have the frame of mind that you are excited about what you’re about to share.  It will reduce anxiety in your brain and make you more confident. ðŸ¤©
  23. Write down all the things to bring you joy and figure out a way to have more of them your life 
  24. Write down all the things that don’t bring you joy and write down how you can have less of them your life â›”
  25. Change how you work – can you do a meeting whilst walking and getting some fresh air?  ðŸŒ³
  26. Put down your phone and enjoy the moment "In Real Life" (even having your phone at the table means you won't be as engaged) 
  27. Try something new - it could be the best thing you've ever done ðŸ†•
  28. Finish every Friday afternoon reflecting on what went well, and what you could improve
  29. Go for an afternoon walk around sunset - it will help counteract the effects of being front of your screen, setting your circadian rhythm ready for sleep  ðŸŒ‡
  30. Remember to breathe ðŸ˜‘


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