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3 Questions You Should ask at the end of 2022

Phew. Christmas is over (just!) and we are in that time where hopefully you can have a bit of a rest. Or maybe not. Either way, you’re probably reflecting on the year that was and starting to peek into the year coming.

For Brain Powered Coaching, it’s been an amazing ride!

Here are my 5 Highlights:

🇬🇧 1. First of all, my amazing partner and I moved back to the UK,

having been caught in Australia for over 2 years due to Covid. We've had an incredible summer of everything British and I'm working on making Christmas his best yet. It's been so wonderful being back here and seeing friends and family we had missed for so long.

🎂 2. Brain Powered Coaching turned 2 years old (aww)

A milestone for many companies, making it past that '2-year graveyard’ (phew!).

⭐ 3. We’ve also been working with some wonderful companies including Bank of England, Life Healthcare and AVJennings

Such a privilege to be part of their brilliant strategies to support women in their organizations. Each and every woman on those courses has her own story, challenges, and experiences, but the support and connection they build with each other are always exceptional. I always get goosebumps when, at the end of the course we talk about the 'message to themselves for the future' - so many inspiring words of courage, empowerment, and confidence. Things like, You can do this! You can do anything! Just go for it! I feel truly blessed to interact with them and take them on a journey to discovering their true potential - it’s sparkling in there, just waiting to be cracked open (watch out world!).

💡 4. I’ve also loved working with individuals, through both Executive Coaching, as well as our Brain Powered Confidence and Confidence 101 Toolkit programme.

These courses have been so important to me to put out there, as it gives access to amazing lessons in neuroscience and confidence to everyone, not just companies. Once again, the feedback has been wonderful and warms my heart when I know it’s making a difference! 🥰

5. Finally, my wonderful team has evolved

Now with 4 brilliant, talented ladies helping me out (shout out to Angel, Maria, Trixie, and Steph), plus a new fantastic Coach joining the team (watch this space - she’s a cracker!).

So, apart from thinking about your highlights, what are 3 questions we should all be asking ourselves at year end? (with my responses!)

1. What are you most proud of?

  • Staying focused, keeping on going, and staying true to my favorite quote “Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try” (Mandela)

2. What has brought you the most joy?

  • Knowing that what I’m doing is making a difference when people send their kind notes and reviews ❤️

3. What is your word for 2023?

  • IMPACT! I am determined to keep going and impact as many people as I can with the work myself and the team at Brain Powered Coaching.

What are your answers? I’d love to hear them! Click reply and send them through :)

Thank you for being on the journey too!

Love Caroline X

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