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10 Hot Tips on How to have a Happier Christmas

1. 5:1 Ratio Positive to Negative 5️⃣:1️⃣

Our brains are looking out for the negative, so when we hear it, it reverberates louder and longer. If you say anything negative, know that you will need 5 positives to balance it out!

2. Being Present ☺️

One of the most wonderful things you can do this Christmas is to be present. We are so often thinking of the next thing we are going to do or say, rather than being there with people. People really feel that connection, when you see and hear them as a person, plus connection is a wonderful gift for both of you.

3. Start the Day with 3 Grateful Breaths ❤️

Our brains naturally focus on the negative, but having gratitude practice has been shown to be incredibly powerful for our brain, body, and mind. A really simple way you can incorporate this into the Christmas period is when you wake up, just take 3 deeply grateful breaths.

4. Share the Load 😵‍

For all of you who are taking on SO MUCH over Christmas, whether it's dinners, lunches, parties, or shopping - remember, you don't need to do it alone! Asking for help is not a weakness and means you'll be less stressed, resentful, and a generally nicer person to have around!

5. Learn about the Love Languages 💌

How do you give and receive love? Through words - saying I love you? Through physical touch, gifts, or acts of service - doing nice things for people? Or maybe it's quality time. Whatever it is, it's so important to understand your "love language", and that of your loved ones too, so you can communicate with them in the right way. You can find out more about this at Dr. Gary Chapman's website below. It really can mend or save relationships (and is fun to discuss too!)

6. A Great tool to Ditch your Stress 🤯

If you are getting stressed over Christmas and need to calm down quickly you can use this simple breathing exercise: 2 Breaths in through your nose…1 Breathe out through your mouth. The double breath pops open the alveoli in your lungs (just like blowing up a balloon) which gets oxygen into your system faster, telling your brain you are calm. Simple, yet very effective!

7. 2023 Word for the Year 🎉

If you're looking for a great activity to do as a family, I can recommend having your word for the year. It's a great way to look forward to 2023 around your goals and what you want to achieve, without being as restrictive as New Year's Resolutions.

8. Me time 🙌

It is very easy for us to do things ALL THE TIME and have a packed diary. But what about Me Time? We all need this, whether it’s a run, walk, time reading a book, or relaxing in silence. There is nothing wrong with that and no one should get offended! You will be much better (and so will they) if you've had time for a breather on your own.

9. Change your perspective 👀

Sometimes the lens we look through with partners or family can be very different from how we see actions or words from our friends. We often get much more annoyed than we would do if they were a friend, even if they were doing the same thing! So over Christmas, if they are annoying you, challenge yourself to think "If this was a friend, how would I react? Would I mind about this, or would I laugh?" You may just find that you're being a bit harsher than you need to be!

10. Play Games 👾

Our brains love to play games! So, this Christmas, rather than ending up with drunken arguments or sitting in front of the TV, get out some games. It's great for the brain, body, and mind but it's also great for the confidence of little people too. So give them the gift of fun, laughter, and confidence this Christmas!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Best wishes


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