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Confidence 101 Toolkit

Learn 15 practical tools in just 90 mins, to shift you from Self-doubt into Unstoppable Confidence.

Introduction:  The Evolutionary Science Bit That Really Matters

Then 7 great Modules covering:

1. Unwinding Your Brain Spring

  • What Is Your Brain Spring and What’s The Impact?
  • Building Strong Boundaries and Why They Matter
  • The 6 Step Boundary Builder Framework
  • Unwinding Your Mind Spring
  • The Power of Social Connection

2. Beat Self Doubt

  • The Secret of Real Confidence
  • The Power of Knowledge
  • Listen To Your Language
  • Why Authenticity Matters

3. Stress Management

  • Good Vs Bad Stress
  • The Real Impact of Stress and When Its Much Worse
  • Prevention tools
  • Emergency Measures
  • Pressing The Reset Button

4. Dealing With Senior Leaders

  • The Most Important Thing to Remember
  • How To Connect with Your Audience
  • The Secret Tip Leaders Will Always Check
  • The Cardinal Rule to Never Break (and Developing Your Superpower Response)

5. Speaking Up With Confidence

  • Why Is Speaking Up So Hard?
  • Breaking Negativity Bias
  • You’ve Been Invited
  • The Power of the Ripple Effect