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The Confidence Challenge

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The latest research by gender diversity consultancy The Pipeline shows that FTSE 350 companies that have executive committees with at least 33% female representation have a net profit margin over 10 times that of companies with no women at that level - 15.2% versus 1.5%. However, lack of confidence is experienced by women across multiple areas and can have fundamental impact their professional progression. 

According to the Women’s Agenda Ambition Report 2019, the largest inhibitor to career progression was ‘Confidence in my abilities’ at 51% of over 1800 respondents.  We have seen this time and time again in our Executive Coaching and from our own experience, which is why we developed this course.  

Participants will gain a deep understanding of themselves; how they hold themselves back and what they can do to operate at their highest level.  It's about maximising their potential through gaining deep self-awareness, building a positive, high performance mindset and taking confident steps forward. 

What we cover 

  • Confidence - Where do they lack confidence and why, and what is true Authentic Confidence in a Corporate world

  • Self Awareness - Goals, values and passions and how they are fundamentally driven and motivated

  • Limiting Beliefs, Imposter Syndrome and Inner Critic and how to effectively minimise their impact

  • Failure, criticism and control - Changing the perspective on failure, feedback and challenges in order to build confidence and resilience

  • Returning to Work - The fears and challenges and how to proactively manage them

  • Deconstructing thought processes and learned habits which may hold them back

  • Boundaries - Define, manage and implement clear boundaries to facilitate success 

  • The latest Research and Neuroscience to deeply understand and actively manage behaviour – key to removing stigma and preconceptions

  • A large range of Tools, Hacks, Models and practises 

  • A Confidence Action Plan for lasting, effective growth and development

  • Strong Support Network - Shared experience and learning of the group leads to challenges being normalised and drives connection for the future​

Additional topics?  No problem - we can also work with you on specific requirements, for example a focus on Promotions or Career Management 

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Course Outcomes

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Platinum Confidence Bundle

Executive Coaching is an excellent addition alongside the course, to address the specific individual goals, concerns and needs of participants.   Ask us about our bundled offering.  

(1)  Institute of Leadership and Management 2011 – British men and women surveyed

(2)  Women’s Agenda Ambition Report 2019

(3)  Brigham Young University & Princeton research 2012



"The tools taught throughout

the course have become a

part of my daily life and

have already been

incredibly influential to my way of thinking and reacting.

I wish I’d done a course

like this 10 years ago."


Danielle Nicholas, Managing Director