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Overview & Approach

Feel like you are an imposter; that you will get found out? Always hear the inner critic saying you're not good enough? Want to go for that promotion but don't know how?  Or perhaps returning to work after a career break?  Authentic Confidence is a goal many of us strive for, but don't know how to get there.  

This practical 6 week course will provide you with a huge range of tools, hacks and models to allow you to take control of your personal and professional life.  You will gain a deeper understanding of you; how you hold yourself back and what you can do to operate at your highest level.  It's about maximising your potential through gaining deep self-awareness; building a positive, high performance mindset and taking confident steps forward. 

What we cover 

  • Confidence - Where do you lack confidence and why, and what is true Authentic Confidence for you

  • Understanding yourself - your goals, values and passions and how you are fundamentally driven and motivated

  • Failure, criticism and control - consider, understand and manage previous failures / challenges in order to build confidence and resilience moving forward  

  • Your limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and inner critic 

  • Deconstruction of thought processes and learned habits which may be holding you back

  • Fascinating research and neuroscience to deeply understand and actively manage your behaviour

  • ​A large range of tools, hacks, models and practises 

  • Building a Confidence Action Plan to enable lasting, effective growth and development

  • And much more - all in a safe, secure, supportive environment

Course Outcomes

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the course?

  • Our standard course takes place over 6 weeks, with 1.5 hrs a week, so total 9 hours in-person of coaching sessions and follow ups / connects / information shared through the weeks too.

Why is it over 6 weeks and not all in one go?

  • Did you know you forget 70% of a course within 24 hours and 90% within a week? What a waste of money!! This is over 6 weeks, with regular refreshers each week and time for your brain to learn over that period.
  • Much of the behavioural changes we work on are about permanently re-wiring your brain, which needs time and repetition. You will gain SO much more longer-term as a result of the short, sharp session approach!

Who will be on it with me?  I’m not confident and feel a bit nervous being on it with strangers…

  • Your professional coach, Caroline will be taking the course in person. You will be joined by a few (normally 5 or 6) people who are also taking the course.
  • You aren’t alone! This is a safe space to be vulnerable. We all commit to 100% confidentiality at the start, so you can be sure you can trust the people you are with. Many of the attendees have ended up making great friends with each other having done the course together, because of this trusted environment. See here for a quick video from previous attendees.

How much does it cost?

  • The course for individuals is a special reduced rate for people who want to invest personally in their self-development – this pricing for individuals is displayed on our website when we are opening up for enrolment. It’s important for us to give this affordable opportunity to you, whether you are an Entrepreneur, full time carer, have a job or no job at all.
  • Corporate pricing is also available on request – please contact

How does the cost compare with other courses I’ve seen…

  • This isn’t a cheap course that will deliver short-lasting value with the same cookie-cutter approach as others in the market. The content in this course is of real, life-long value, presented in person by a professional coach and tailored for you as we go.
  • It is based on deep research, science, theory and many years of real experience in this field. We use a neuroscience background & research so you really can change how you think – most courses completely lack this science-based approach.
  • You will also be receiving top level professional coaching throughout the course, both individually and as a group, at a level significantly less than what you would pay for quality individual coaching.
  • If you are truly committed to real change, feeling happier and deep self-development you will not regret investing in the cost of the course.

Do I need to do anything outside the classes?

  • A really powerful part of the course is you trying out tools, techniques and new behaviour outside of the class. It’s just small pieces, so only around 30-45 mins a week; some short daily practises, but you can always take more time on it if you want.

What do I do if I want to cancel it?

  • We have real confidence that you will love the programme, so offer a money back guarantee for individuals. If you need to cancel for other reasons, we will try and be as flexible as we can - our full cancellation policy is in our Terms and Conditions.

What happens if I can’t come to a session?

  • Whilst it’s really important you try to attend all sessions, if you have to miss one, we will do everything we can to get you back up to speed before the next one (resources allowing).

How can I sign up?

  • Authentic Confidence Masterclasses are opened for enrolment periodically. Please contact to get on the waitlist for the next intake in 2022, or you can look at our online course Brain Powered Confidence


"The tools taught throughout

the course have become a

part of my daily life and

have already been

incredibly influential to my way of thinking and reacting.

I wish I’d done a course

like this 10 years ago."


Danielle Nicholas, Managing Director